Does any of NNBC products have preservatives?

No, we do not add or use preservatives as an ingredient. 

Does any of NNBC products use Coconut?

No, we do not use Coconut in any products.



Q: How many times per week do I scrub my Face or Body?

A: 3 times per week which gives the skin time to replenish and create new skin cells.

Q. Which scrubs help Eczema an Psoriasis?

A. Black Sativa and Lemon Scrub

Q: Which Scrubs are for Moisture?

A: Lemon Scrub, Black Sativa Scrub, Joyful Scrub

Q: Which Scrub is for Cleansing and has SOAP?

A: Black Sativa Scrub

Q: Which Scrub is Acne and Anti-Aging?

A: Joyful Scrub and Lemon Scrub

Q: What Scrub takes care of Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation?

A: Lemon Scrub and Black Sativa Scrub

Q: Which Scrub reduces Stretch Marks, Puffiness under the Eyes and Sun Damage?

A: Joyful Scrub



Q: Which Soaps are good for skin lesions (open wounds or sores)?

A: Calendula (Burn) Bar or Oatmeal Soap are the most effective for healing and will not cause more irritation or burning during bathing.

Q: Which Soaps are good for Anti-Aging?

A: Avocado Soap and Lemon Soap due to both containing correction properties such as improving skin elasticity, dry skin, toning of pores and skin damage.

Q: Which Soaps are good for Severely Dry Skin and provides Moisture?

A: Avocado Soaps, Candy Pussy Soap, Oatmeal Soap, Lemon Soap, Calendula Bar

Q: Which soaps are good for CLEANSING and provides NO MOISTURE?

A. Charcoal Soap is meant for Cleansing only



Q: Which Body Glaze takes care of Eczema, Psoriasis, and Stretch Marks?

A: Mango Lyptus Body Glaze

Q: Which Body Glaze takes care  of PH Balance of the Skin?

A: Sugared Shea Body Glaze

Q: Which body glaze takes care of Hyperpigmentation?

A: Candy Pussy Body Glaze

Q:  Which Body Glaze takes care of Severely Dry Skin?

Mango Lyptus Body Glaze, Sugared Shea Body Glaze and Candy Pussy Body Glaze

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