Black Sativa Foaming Body Scrub
The Black Sativa Scrub is a full body scrub/ wash which softens skin, rid dead skin cells, treats acne and fine lines. This scrub also foams reduces razor bumps and helps with Make-up removal. Scrub is quite abrasive so please...
Charcoal "Purifying" Bar
Charcoal "purifying" bar will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean! No residue or oil left behind. REAP the benefits of feeling completely cleansed and smooth skin while reducing acne, skin redness and puffiness.  Ingredients: Charcoal, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Goats...
Beard Growth Oil
Beard Growth Oil is Organically handmade. It helps men to stimulate follicles to grow, fill in patches and is a very moisturizing. non-greasy formula that will restore moisture, shine and strengthen your beard. Ingredients: Almond Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint...
Beard Treatment Set
Beard Growth Oil is necessary because it stimulates follicles to grow, fills in patchy beards, moisturizing and does contains nuts.Beard Shampoo (necessary for a healthy clean beard to resolve other common issues) so it plays part in a cleansing and...
All Skin Gel Cleanser
This Gel Foaming Cleanser is for all skin types which targets relief from Hyperpigmentation, Swelling, Sunburn damage, Antibacterial, Anti-Aging, Soothing, and Anti-Inflammatory. “Aesthetic Grade Formula for Sensitive Skin” Contains: Green Tea, Turmeric, Water, Cocamide MIPA, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Gylcol Stearate,...
Bad Boy Body Glaze (Butter)
Mango butter and Shea Nut oil for extreme moisture and a sleek, non greasy look to the skin. It has a clean scent, not too strong but not to light. It helps with skin issues such as Eczema, Stretch marks...
Gent Beard Cleanser
Gent Beard Cleanser is necessary for a healthy and clean beard to resolve other common issues. The benefits of Cleanser are cleansing and moisturizing capability, a nice mellow lather, organic and makes the skin healthy beneath.
Organic Deodorant
This Organic deodorant targets relief for irritation on underarms by providing moisture and antibacterial components. There are no harsh chemicals to stop perspiration instead to let perspiration happen without harsh chemicals penetrating the skin or clogging of pores.  Ingredients: Almond...
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