Acne Bundle
The Lemon scrub has multiple benefits such as preventing scars during healing process, clears acne, tones skin, contains Vitamin E and rids dark spots whether old or new.The Lemon Soap is an age defining bar that contains Vitamin C.It has...
All Skin Gel Cleanser
This Gel Foaming Cleanser is for all skin types which targets relief from Hyperpigmentation, Swelling, Sunburn damage, Antibacterial, Anti-Aging, Soothing, and Anti-Inflammatory. “Aesthetic Grade Formula for Sensitive Skin” Contains: Green Tea, Turmeric, Water, Cocamide MIPA, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Gylcol Stearate,...
Avocado Anti-Aging Bar
Avocados are rich in proteins and nutrients, has anti-aging effects and helps to soothe and nourish the skin. Vitamin E also calms sensitive skin and can help rejuvenate damaged skin. Lather up and enjoy this gentle yet effective natural soap...
Bad Boy Body Glaze (Butter)
Mango butter and Shea Nut oil for extreme moisture and a sleek, non greasy look to the skin. It has a clean scent, not too strong but not to light. It helps with skin issues such as Eczema, Stretch marks...
Beard Growth Oil
Beard Growth Oil is Organically handmade. It helps men to stimulate follicles to grow, fill in patches and is a very moisturizing. non-greasy formula that will restore moisture, shine and strengthen your beard. Ingredients: Almond Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint...
Beard Treatment Set
Beard Growth Oil is necessary because it stimulates follicles to grow, fills in patchy beards, moisturizing and does contains nuts.Beard Shampoo (necessary for a healthy clean beard to resolve other common issues) so it plays part in a cleansing and...
Black Sativa Foaming Body Scrub
The Black Sativa Scrub is a full body scrub/ wash which softens skin, rid dead skin cells, treats acne and fine lines. This scrub also foams reduces razor bumps and helps with Make-up removal. Scrub is quite abrasive so please...
Candy Pussy Body Glaze (Butter)
Candy Pussy is lightly Scented body butter with a sweet but hint of minty aroma. This body glaze provides moisture and shine to skin while ridding of Skin Hyperpigmentation.  Size 4oz jar packed with 5 oz of butter Contains Mango Butter,...
Candy Pussy Soap
Candy Pussy Soap cleanses the skin, leaves soft, flake free while giving burn relief and fixation of hyperpigmentation "Take a lick " because she Smells Good & a super THICK chick Made with Natural Ingredients such as Aloe Vera Extract,...
Charcoal "Purifying" Bar
Charcoal "purifying" bar will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean! No residue or oil left behind. REAP the benefits of feeling completely cleansed and smooth skin while reducing acne, skin redness and puffiness.  Ingredients: Charcoal, Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Goats...
Clean and Clear Bundle
The perfect 3 in 1 SPA kit for a Men's selfcare day. This kit subsides symptoms for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Stretch Marks, Razor Bump Removal, Dead skin cells, Dark Spots, etc.  Includes: 1. Charcoal Purifying Bar2. Black Sativa Foaming Scrub3....
Fan Brush
High Quality : Facial brush is made of soft fiber bristles, safe for all skin types, washable and reusable, with smooth plastic handle. Fan brushes can apply cosmetics, skincare products and masks evenly, beautiful and practical, easy to clean with...
Gent Beard Cleanser
Gent Beard Cleanser is necessary for a healthy and clean beard to resolve other common issues. The benefits of Cleanser are cleansing and moisturizing capability, a nice mellow lather, organic and makes the skin healthy beneath.
Golden Shimmer Body Oil
This Golden Body Oil smells of a Chocolate Sensation which glides smoothly onto the skin due to intense conditioning properties leaving a light bronze and fine shimmer. This oil will leave your skin shiny without a greasy surface while providing...
Hair Magic
Hair Magic is a hair oil that promotes healthier hair and growth by thickening the hair. The Magic happens when the follicles become stimulated to promote growth, help reduce hair loss, breakage and shedding. It also helps fight bacterial growth and...
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Inflammation Reducing Bundle
Candy Pussy Soap is a BUNDLE SET which will make your mate want to "Take a lick " because she smells good, taste good, feels good & also a super THICK chick Candy Pussy Body Glaze is lightly Scented with...
Joyful Body Scrub
The Joyful Scrub Lightens skin, reduces puffiness and undereye circles, reduce appearance of stretch marks, and reverse sun damage. It also improves complexion, anti-inflammatory, maintains PH of skin and very HYDRATING.  Contains: Almond Oil, Rose Petals, Sugar, Salt The Products may...
Kitty Renewal
Kitty Renewal 🌿 This handmade formula is made to target relief for Vaginal itching, inflammation and dryness. What It Does: 1. Fight off symptoms of BV 2. Fight off yeast 3. Restores natural secretions. 4. Made from Rich Plant Extract!...
Kitty Renewal Foaming Cleanser
Kitty Renewal Foaming Cleanser will make you feel like a brand new woman. It is a Herbal mixture of Aqua and Extracted Plant Oils. This will be refreshing to the PH and leaves no odor behind. If suffering from a...
Lemon Body Scrub
The Lemon scrub has multiple benefits such as preventing scars during healing process, clears acne, tones skin, contains Vitamin E and rids dark spots whether old or new. Contains: Lemons, Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Sugar, Salt The Products...
Lemon Soap
The Lemon Soap is an age defining bar that contains Vitamin C. It has Anti-aging properties, heals acne, rids oily skin, lightens dark spots hyperpigmentation, brightens skin and removes Blemishes. It also tones the skin to help rid of wrinkles...
Liz Facial Toner
Liz Facial Toner contains Aqua, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Green Tea, Turmeric and Rose Water -light weight plant and water based toner to bring back the ph balance after being cleansed or exfoliated. -is an Anti-Aging...
Loc Magic
Loc Magic creates a protective layer on dreads, promotes hair growth and circulation of blood through Scalp, Retaining Moisture and Strengthening Hair.  This Formula makes the hair look Shiny, Thick, and Strong and helps with Alopecia (hair loss prevention). It is...
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Mango Lyptus Body Glaze (Butter)
This is a neutral lightly Eucalyptus scented after care body butter. This body glaze is lubricating, nourishing and a great protectant for the skin. It also is soothing, seals in moisture, reduces stretch marks, Eczema and Psoriasis. Size 6oz Contains: Mangos, Eucalyptus,...
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