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Customer Reviews


Avocado Soap

Honey I purchased the avocado soap for my dry skin. I use it on my face and moisturize right after. My face has never been softer. I highly recommend you all try it.
Purchased: Nov 14


Alexis Nyrei

Dec 17 2022

Amazing Line


I highly recommend this amazing line products ITS WORKS! If you wanna start on a skin care journey for yourself START HERE 🤗
Purchased: Hair Magic, Oatmeal Soap and Black Sativa Scrub

Amazing Line

Juice Goddess

Dec 1 2022


So Much Growth

I started using Loc Magic over Three Months ago. I truly Love it. I have been having my locs for over two years! I have been having a hard time with finding products for my hair. This is the first product I have used that really works with my hair. I have seen so much growth with my hair, while using this product. I will be purchasing this product again!
Purchased: Loc Magic


Neisha Hall

May 11 2022

Acne Bundle

Luxury Bath Products

Ok, I am a very practical old lady, not given to buying luxury bath products. Not that I haven’t tried! But most of the commercial stuff out there (I’m looking at you, Bath and Body Works) has, for me, a chemical overtone. Plus, the scents are so overpowering that they sometimes make me a little sick. And then I tried Nei Natural Body Care. To be fair, I’ve only tried the lemon soap and lemon sugar scrub. But I am HOOKED. The scent is so appealing, natural, and not at all overpowering. Plus, my skin is looking so much better from the oil in the scrub. I love this stuff and am looking forward to trying other items. Highly recommended!

Acne Bundle

Mary Armstrong-Smith

Thursday, Mar 10, 2022

Eczema Free

I got some soap and scalp oil for my Fiancé for his eczema and you were so knowledgeable and friendly, you have a customer for life
Purchased: Hair Magic
Christina Stewart

Thursday, Jan 10, 2022

I have Edges now

Thnks Nei for the Hair Magic. I started with no edges and I was bald in the middle but now my hair is getting thicker OMG! Less than 4 months and I can fit my hair in a ponytail.
Purchased: Hair Magic
Lasheea Andrews

Tuesday, Mar 15, 2022

Great Customer Service

She has a really great vibe.. she’s real nice and I absolutely love her products! Will definitely be buying more ❤️
Purchased: Oatmeal Soap, Black Sativa Scrub, Mango Lyptus Body Glaze, Hair Magic
Ebi Davis

Wednesday, Sep 8, 2021

No More Dove Soap

I'm down to my last bar of soap. I'mma need a re-up. Yayy if you have eczema or sensitive skin pleaseeeee get her soap. I can officially not buy Dove anymore it soooooo much better your skin is left clean and moisturized. All my kids use it including Aydin 😍😍😍 I get her oatmeal bar. 5/5 STARS
Purchased: Oatmeal Soap
Christian Robinson

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020

My Baby Has Ponytails

S/o to DaNeisha Johnson & her hair products Hair Magic ... just last month my baby couldn't get ponytails all over cus her hair was so short but nowwwww u can't tell shugga momma nothing ... this her second hair style with ponytails all over ! Aint she so cuteeee. Thanks girl we will be ordering more oil sooooon ❤🥰
Purchased: Hair Magic
Neisha Smith

Friday, Dec 24, 2021


Great Products

I highly recommend this page! great vibes and great products for the ladies !
Purchased: Beard Oil and Lemon Soap


Malik Jones

Nov 26 2022


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