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Nei Natural Body Care LLC.

Yoni "Herbal" Liners

Yoni "Herbal" Liners

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"Steam on the Go"
•100% Cotton Soft

What it does:
-Cures vulvitis, vaginitis, vulva pruritus and vulva eczema
- Adjuvant therapy of other vaginal infection such as vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvis inflammation, annexitis
- Prevents the wound infection after childbirth and induced abortion
- Improves the disease-resistant ability of women reproductive system.

1. Warming the palace to dispel cold, regulating menstruation and stopping the band, promoting blood circulation, detoxifying and treating sores, relieving itch sterilization, laxative and improving menstrual pain.
2. Improve self-cleaning ability and regulate various gynecological inflammation!
3. Improve the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation, dryness, itching, leucorrhea caused by aging, production, abortion and uterine cervical surgery.
4. Effectively improve the coldness, slowness of yin and disharmony of sexual life caused by various reasons.

1. Pregnant women and women on menstruation period are forbidden to use
2. Females who are allergic to silver ion are forbidden to use
3. Do not use if the wrapping plastic is broken
4. Only for external use.
5. Do not reuse



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